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Greetings! My name is Laszlo. 

With 14+ years experience in branding, product design and marketing, I’ve worked with a diverse range of clients; from innovative start-ups and esteemed corporates to public figures, award winning artists and government agencies.

Whether you’d like to work with me as your project/product manager, designer or marketer as part of an existing team, or need a full team of seasoned experts, I am here to assist.

My team and I are a group of gifted and experienced visionaries; we’re all experts in our field, we’re passionate about our work, we’ve worked together for years, and each of us has earned our stripes developing brands and products that are both experienced by millions, and have earned millions.

To start working with us, please contact me directly.

I’m happy to work on an once-off project, or to compile a custom monthly solution unique to your needs.

PS. In case you’re looking for my personal portfolio, click here.

My warmest regards,


Creative Director, Product Owner, Marketing Manager



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Asked Questions

What's this I hear about a free intro call?

If you're interested in working with us, you can click here to request a free intro call.

Once you have requested your free intro call, we'll do some research using the basic information you provided.

Following this, we contact you via whatsapp or e-mail to schedule our call.

Our call is a friendly conversation in which you introduce us to your brand/product. We ask the important questions so we may understand your brand/product, your vision, your intention, ideas, and plans.

During the call, we'll share our perspective, ideas and how we belief we're able to help you achieve your goals.

We'll give expert insights (for free) and lay out a rough plan for getting your brand/product where you want it to be, and may give a minimum price estimation.

If you'd like to move forward, we'll prepare a proposal for you with various payment plans for you to choose from and send this to you within 48 hours.

What is your UI/UX design process?

Great question! But, a bit lengthy to cover here. To deep-dive into a typical ui/ux design process, click here to read an article on our blog.

Do you design apps for iOS or Android?

We design apps for both iOS and Android, as well as PWAs (Progressive Web Apps) and even feature phone apps for less technologically advanced markets.

What is your approach to web design and development?

Since your website is a marketing tool, our approach is marketing-first, with a strong emphasis on communicating brand positioning effectively on the website, and leading the visitor's attention to the desired action. We start by understanding your brand/product and vision and then develop marketing and brand positioning strategies. The website design and functionality, in turn, is based on this gathered information.

We design most websites using WordPress as a back-end due to its user-friendliness for clients who like to be able to update their own website, but if your project requires it, we're happy to design your website another way.

We work with HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, React, Ruby On Rails, Django, Angular, and we even build Shopify stores.

How do you create content for brands?

We offer various content creation options. You can either follow our content strategy and capture your content, which we can then edit. Or, we can connect you with nearby content creators who can assist you A-Z with filming, photography, editing, and end-to-end content creation.

How do you measure content marketing success?

We measure success through metrics such as increasing followers, likes, engagement, and research on how the brand, services, and products are perceived in the target market.

What is your pricing structure for different services?
We like to feel valued in what we do, as that's when we do our best work. Therefore, as a general rule of thumb, our pricing for anything starts at $490. Above this, pricing varies depending on the service. To get an accurate idea of pricing for your needs, we require some info which we usually get in our free intro call.
What is the expected timeline for a project?

The project timeline varies depending on the project type. Brand designs may take two to four weeks, Websites may take two to six weeks, while complex apps and platforms can take a couple of months.

Illustrations depend on the size and complexity of the illustration.

Marketing materials and content creation can in many cases be completed in a matter of days, and our marketing services are on per-month basis.

Please bear in mind that these are only estimations, the estimations given after our into call may vary, and timelines are also subject to us being provided the necessary information, details, media and feedback within a timely fashion.

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