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The SCTY: Web3 Community

The SCTY / Society is a creative collective which fuses The Arts & Technology to usher in a new era for Earth. Through the use of design, art, music, film, web3 and A.I., The SCTY depict the world as it could be – a sovereign & free utopia – and works toward realizing this reality in the near future. The collective organizes collaborative workshops, projects and events, both digital and in-person, that its members can join using their NFT Avatar. Members also have access to The SCTY’s Digital Creative Ark: a revolutionary publishing platform to empower creators, which utilizes Web3 technologies like custom coded NFTs, Arweave and Decentralized 4EverLand databases.


Design The SCTY brand; merchandise design; design website; design series of 3,333 nft avatars; develop nft ticketing system; develop digital creative ark on blockchain with web3 functions.

  • Strategy

    Brand Positioning, UX Strategy

  • Design

    Systems Architecture, UI/UX Design, Web Design, Art Direction, Merchandise

  • Client

    The SCTY

  • Team

    Laszlo (Brand Design, UI/UX, Web Design, Merchandise Design, Copywriting, Web3 Implementation, A.I. Art)

  • Tags

    brand identity, nft, pitch deck, UI/UX, web3, website

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